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Charlene_Li_pgCharlene Li on social media: companies, professionals, metrics and social customer service

The following three (3) videos are from a late 2012 interview with Charlene Li (@charleneli), co-author of ”Groundswell” and author of New York Times bestseller “Open Leadership”. Charlene is the founder of Altimeter Group, an advisory firm that helps companies and industries leverage their work on social media. Enjoy!


50 tried-and-true social insights from real  marketers

Last year, Marketo embarked on their Social Marketing Rockstar Tour where they visited 15 cities across the nation to talk about implementing, executing, and measuring social strategy. They met marketing interns all the way up the ladder to CEOs, spoke to marketers from every industry, and networked with both large companies of 10,000+ employees and small companies of 10. The common denominator? An intense interest in social media and a desire to learn how to use it more holistically in every marketing campaign.

Every organization uses social in a different way. At each stop on the tour they collected insights from over 2000 customer attendees on how they are using social in their marketing today, plus any tips and lessons that they have learned along the way. The outcome of their efforts is a compilation of the best of the best!

  • The rules of social engagement
  • How to measure and iterate
  • Ideas to generate social lift
  • Social marketing words of wisdom
  • Why content is king
  • How to make social a group effort

Using-Video-for-MarketingUseful Tips And Tricks For Making Video Marketing A Winning Strategy

video marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing method that should be used by all business owners. By studying this article carefully and applying all that you learn you can see dramatic increases in sales in a very short period of time. Do not wait any longer, starting your video marketing campaign today!

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smart_marketer_cover1The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Generating Higher ROI from Email Throughout the Consumer Purchase Path

Today’s digital marketing offers many different channels that the average brand uses to reach customers, leading to an increase in touch-points along the purchase path. These channels are not mutually exclusive; rather they influence and are influenced by one another in a given campaign.

Download “The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Generating Higher ROI from Email Throughout the Consumer Purchase Path” today.